All employees go through a temperature and wellness check daily.

Everyone must wear a mask when entering ElMar’s.

What is ElMar’s NY Pizza?

ElMar’s was created by Plymouth residents, Nicole and Michael ElMaraghy, in an effort to develop the most authentic representation of New York pizza. Every aspect has been scrutinized with the best solutions sourced; whether via local suppliers, shipping half way across the country, or by a proprietary water solution to agglomerate precipitated dissolved solids through electronic resonation. That’s how seriously we take it. That’s ElMar’s NY Pizza.

How do I place a take out order?

You can place your order online by clicking the link above or in person at the store. We will give you a pager to wait outside or we can text you when your order is ready if you’d like to leave our parking lot. You can come in any time and place your order for a future time that day. At this time we can not accept phone orders. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Why won’t your website accept my order?

If the system won’t accept your order for immediate preparation, you can schedule your order for a later time.

The system will allow you to schedule orders for the current day as well as for 2 additional days in advance.

Your ‘Service Time’ for future orders is your pickup time. We operate to have your orders ready for pickup at exactly this time, or a few minutes later.

If the system accepts your order and you don’t need to select a future time, please locate your Approximate Pick Up Time on the final confirmation screen. This is the only opportunity to see your pickup time until further development. We operate to have your orders ready for pickup at exactly this time, or a few minutes later.

If you check your Order Status and it says ‘ready for pickup’ – IT IS NOT. Your selected pickup or stated approximate time is when you should arrive at the store.  

You will always receive an email confirmation that your order was received. You WILL NOT receive a message when your order is ready. Trust that we’re working hard to have your order ready for your selected time or stated approximate time.

Please note there may be a small wait when you come get your order.

What are your hours?

We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11-9, Sundays from 3-8, and closed on Mondays.

How many people can one of your pizzas feed?

An 18” pizza (8 slices) feeds 3-5 adults.

Do you Cater?

Please contact us at for information on placing large orders.

We do not offer delivery.

We do not offer gluten free pizza.

How can you run out of pizzas?

All our dough spends a minimum of 48 hours in a cold fermentation. That means we need 3 days worth of dough in our coolers at some point each day. It gets tight in there! Of course we would love to have enough for everyone but occasionally we do run out due to space restrictions.